• Newdesign-patina-rugart
    Patina - New Studio

    Made entirely by hand, the love of Art Deco architecture inspired the designer to create this rug. Using illustration of simplicity and boldness this rug conveys uncomplicated modern aesthetics.

  • Midnightrug-rugart
    Midnight - The cosmopolitan

    The designer's unique take on pattern unites beautifully with centuries old craftsmanship, showing a gorgeous Moroccan Ikat design she was inspired by. The use of monochromatic color palette with one bold hue is the spirit of Midnight colors of Morocco.

  • Byzantin-newsite
    Byzantin - View of Morocco

    No Description

  • Flora_setting
    Flora - Hair-on-Hide

    Flora is a champion of modern design. RUG ART constantly works on achieving originality and functionality that are both high in quality and beauty.

  • Boogi-settings
    boogi - New Studio

    Au brush finish on a cut pile wool complimented with silk.

  • New-jakblaksettings-rugart
    City Blocks - New Studio

    Modern and sophisticated cut pile rug for those who love minimalism yet added chicness.

  • Isabelsettings-newsite
    Isabel - View of Morocco

    For the love of vintage Spanish tiles that have been a statement makers for centuries, their unique hand painted beauty inspired the designer to create an exquisite rendition of tile design. Isabel custom rug expresses the ultimate in personalization.

  • Glow_teal
    Glow - The cosmopolitan

    A truly stunning rug. Inspired by the magic beauty of sculpted rocks and frozen drops of water found in natural lime stone cave systems.

  • Close_cascade
    Cascade - The cosmopolitan

    The connection between the material used in this rug and nature, is undeniable. The beautiful moonlight rainbow of cascading waterfall pattern is made of silk that paints the rug with reflections, when viewed from different angles.

  • Noche-flatweave-noche
    Noche Flat Weave - Flatweave

    Drawn from our pile rug design Noche and turned into a beautiful modern flat weave floor covering.

  • Tunis-website-rugart
    Tunis - Hair-on-Hide

    Fresh and captivating, this sassy hair-on-hide design offers a modern and bold spirit. Tunis is a design that offers alternating hair directions due to its unique patch work pattern. Clearly makes an impression in any room.

  • Cosmo-newsite
    cosmo - New Studio

    Dramatic movement, flowing veins and granular-like structure similar to natural stone inspired the distinctive design of this rug. Custom blend fibers meticulously knotted into pile ground reveal mood and character.

  • Donald_hill_interiors_llc._photography2_3289245_high_res
    Zang - Textura

    Inspired by the unique look found in encaustic tiles used in middle ages. This striking textured rug introduces a repeat of sculpted pattern running across, reflecting the look of tiles.

  • Star
    Star - Textura

    Sophisticated, modern and very chic when combined with sumptuous color duo. Raised thin silk lines are playful and fresh adding a touch of glam to this beautiful and elegant rug, true Star.

  • Earth3
    earth - Textura

    Stylish geometric pattern is always in. Field inspired repetitive geometric motifs run across wool field is hard to resist, thanks to the elegant tone on tone appeal.

  • Traffic_rug99
    Traffic - New Studio

    Modern and energetic Traffic sports a repeat of composed lines and blocks drawn from an urban characteristics. Elegant silk lines contribute to its soft shimmery effect.

  • Frost_silver_-_settings
    Frost - New Studio

    The raw qualities of unprocessed rock diamond viewed on a trip to a museum, inspired the design in Frost. Play of light against dark in the "shaggy" silk lines contributes to its raw feel and bold, yet elegant, texture.

  • Alto-newsite-3
    Alto - New Studio

    No Description

  • Spirit23
    Spirit - New Studio

    Au brush finish background constructed in wool compli- mented by free form silk lines.

  • Tiffany-setting-newsite
    Tiffany - New Studio

    Subtle graphic and refined pattern appear to float, as silky miniature rectangles take center stage against a beautiful solid wool field.

  • Kiss-livingroom
    kiss - Botanic

    Inspired by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, Kiss is a Fresh interpretation of romantic appeal; the use of two gleaming Ginkgo leaves merging into one symbolizes love and sensuality.

  • Dsc07803
    Hello Gorgeous - Botanic

    Illustrated in abstract form of fine Pashmina wool, this spectacular foliage pattern is inspired by the "song of India" plant.

  • Orchid-settings-newsite
    Orchid - Botanic

    Capturing its surreal quality, as the abstract flower appears to explode into a fervent dance on a neutral ground, this unique design is a profusion of elegant silk elliptical outlines and spots, portrayed in soft night colors.

  • Flirt-rugart
    Flirt - Botanic

    No Description