• Poet-newsite
    Poet - The cosmopolitan

    Featuring a blend of wool and silk cut-pile, Poet is highlighted with abstract rendering echoing a look drawn from ancient tradition of body ornamentation.

  • Bohemia-newsite
    Bohemia - The cosmopolitan

    Unique abstract butterfly design artfully illustrated into a knotted wool ground. Neutral color choices beautifully highlighted by touches of complimenting colors emphasizing a soft glow, while contrasted by a shade of charcoal.

  • Animal_print1
    Skin - Textura

    A beautiful field of wool cut pile designed to capture attention. Complimented by silk pattern of animal skin, this custom rug is an undeniable center piece, offering a sense of rustic wilderness.

  • Soumak-newsite
    Soumak plain - Plain Essentials

    A flat-weaved rug known by its fine weaving technique that produces a herringbone effect, by wrapping yarns around the warps featuring a classic Turkish hand woven soumak. Using the best wool available, rugs in this family offer "hairless" texture making

  • Saharasand1-newsite
    Sahara Sand Mix - Plain Essentials

    Gorgeous cut pile constructed in a subtle mix of tones to create a fresh organic look. Sandy colors gently play off the striation effect making it irresistible to the touch and feel.

  • Newrug-isabel-newsite-good
    Isabel - View of Morocco

    For the love of vintage Spanish tiles that have been a statement makers for centuries, their unique hand painted beauty inspired the designer to create an exquisite rendition of tile design. Isabel custom rug expresses the ultimate in personalization.

  • Noche-blue-newsite
    Noche - Botanic

    Inspired by “Queen of the night” cactus flower at a moment of bloom. An exquisite flower that opens only one night a year, then with sunrise it closes forever.

  • Rainrug-newsite
    Rain - The cosmopolitan

    A rug with a WOW factor. Featuring thousands of silk knots, Rain rug captures organic and sophisticated water droplets pattern across an artfully textured rows. Rain is a beauty realized through subtle sheen and lush softness made of soft wool & silk.

  • Rugart-york-new
    York - New Studio

    One of our signature classics, York is modern and clean, beautifully designed with timeless appeal for every day function. A modern focal point with traditional practices.

  • Kenya-newsite-1
    Kenya - Textura

    While on a Rickshaw ride in India, the designer became entranced by a majestically build elephant crossing the streets. The Rough skin, massive trunk and colorful decoration that adorned his body have been translated into a sophisticated abstract design.

  • Cascade-newsite
    Cascade - The cosmopolitan

    The connection between the material used in this rug and nature, is undeniable. The beautiful moonlight rainbow of cascading waterfall pattern is made of silk that paints the rug with reflections, when viewed from different angles.

  • Pieces_watermark
    Pieces Flat Weave - Flatweave

    Drawn from our pile rug design Pieces and turned into a beautiful modern flat weave floor covering.

  • Leafdrop-linen-newsite
    leafdrop - Botanic

    Drawing inspiration while driving through the park, watching leaves falling down in their soothing colors. It’s a wonderful sense of anticipation, slow reduction of warmth and a moment of serenity.

  • Boogi-flatweave
    boogi Flat Weave - Flatweave

    Drawn from our pile rug design Boogi and turned into a beautiful modern flat weave floor covering.

  • Fivespot-newsite
    Fivespot - Botanic

    Prominent tie-dye spots found on each petal of a wild flower influenced the expression of this design. Spots varying in size and tone promote a silky surface and a playful mood. Ground of an au-brush look knotted in Himalayan wool complimented by silky s

  • Noche_flatweavewm
    Noche Flat Weave - Flatweave

    Drawn from our pile rug design Noche and turned into a beautiful modern flat weave floor covering.

  • Heliconiawild-newsite
    heliconia wild - Botanic

    This rug shows the wild side of our hand-knotted Heliconia, where Jute and art silk are knotted into separated sections, creating a distinctive texture and soft luster.

  • Zang_flatweavewm
    Zang Flat Weave - Flatweave

    Drawn from our pile rug design Zang and turned into a beautiful modern flat weave floor covering.

  • Muse-newsite
    muse - Botanic

    Inspired by a unique display of magnificent bonsai trees on a trip to Paris, the designer captures whimsical snapshots of this miniature and figurative trees.

  • Flirt_watermark
    Flirt - Botanic

    No Description

  • Serpent-newsite
    Serpent - The cosmopolitan

    No Description

  • Sahara-pink
    Sahara - berry pink - Plain Essentials

    Hand carded soft Himalayan wool in gorgeous pink offer sumptuous elegance and texture to any interior style.

  • Saucer-newsite
    saucer - Botanic

    Contemporary and upbeat rug design reflects sculptural drawing of a sensual and bold Moroccan succulent; Saucer Plant.

  • Blue-plainessentials-rugart
    Sahara - sea silk - Plain Essentials

    Sumptuous pile of silk yarn is tightly knotted and beautifully constructed, creating soft and plush pile to walk on.