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    Journey - Collections

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    Ambient - New Studio

    Hand crafted in Nepal this modern rug shows our deep admiration to mid-century era. Unique rug design that enhances its surrounding with a persistent beat. Exceptional craftsmanship constructed from Himalayan wool and silk on a tightly knotted ground.

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    Nomad Chic - Collections

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    Omni - The cosmopolitan

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New Rug Art Shipment

Ahhh the exicetment of getting new arrivals of rugs, it's like getting a fresh bowl of sweet delicious fruits. Hand-knotted in Himalayan wool, silk, hemp, matka - beautiful "ingredients"

Goodbye Summer. Hello Fall.

What can be better than Autumn? One of our favorite seasons for so many reasons: the changing of colors are at full swing, as each day looks more phenomenon then before. Days are getting

Rich palette in Hawaii

As a rug designer and artist, pattern and composition (among others) have always been essential in my design elements and as such, I believe that beautiful design improve our lives

BLUE - color that matters

The color blue. What does it signify? casual atmosphere?...inspiration?...strength?...wealth?...authority? We say all of the above and more. Decorating your home and embracing

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