New Products

  • Rugart-patina-handknotted
    Patina - New Studio

    Made entirely by hand, the love of Art Deco architecture inspired the designer to create this rug. Using illustration of simplicity and boldness this rug conveys uncomplicated modern aesthetics.

  • Bizantin-newsite
    Byzantin - View of Morocco

    No Description

  • Ikat_3
    Bali - Flatweave

    No Description

  • Glow
    Glow - The cosmopolitan

    A truly stunning rug. Inspired by the magic beauty of sculpted rocks and frozen drops of water found in natural lime stone cave systems.

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Dog, love and peace

Every time we get new rug samples for a photo shoot we can't help it but invite the dogs to sniff 'em. If we won't do it they would do it behind our back and maybe will go beyond just sniffing.

Rug Art is in The New York Times

We love design dictators. I am a design dictator myself [my daughters would be delighted to add details to such statement], and speaking of dictatorship, we mean a home ruled by a rugs

Designer Sigal Sasson in a 10 Question interview with Interior Design Magazine

Life is more Beautiful when decorating with Rugs

Hello there, We all know that good design improves quality of life but we also believe that life is more beautiful when decorating with rugs. Click on the link here and find out how to

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